embracing evolution, ancient wisdom, & scientific breakthroughs to guide contemporary life

The Pillars of Stardust Pilgrim Philosophy


Nature emphasizes the interconnectedness and inherent value of all life on Earth. It recognizes the profound impact of human actions on the natural world and promotes practices of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and responsible resource management. Nature and evolution are seen as sources of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance, inviting humans to learn from their complexity, cycles, and resilience. Afterall, we are just borrowing star dust on this short journey called life.

Human Wisdom

Human Wisdom encompasses the rich heritage of moral philosophy, religions, and various philosophical traditions. It draws upon the wisdom accumulated throughout human history, exploring ethical principles, moral values, and teachings that guide human behavior and promote well-being. Human wisdom provides a framework for understanding the nature of existence, our interconnectedness, and the pursuit of a just and meaningful life.


Knowledge highlights the importance of scientific inquiry, evidence-based reasoning, and critical thinking. It recognizes the power of empirical observation, experimentation, and theoretical understanding to illuminate the workings of the universe and guide human endeavors. Knowledge includes scientific disciplines, but also encompasses internal insights gained through introspection, mindfulness practices, and personal growth.

Statement of Quest

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that by harmoniously blending the wisdom of nature, human traditions, and the pursuit of knowledge, we can forge a path towards the greatest well-being for all. Through the guidance offered by these interconnected influences, we aim to navigate life’s complexities without causing harm. Our philosophy offers solace and direction to contemporary individuals navigating the challenges of modern society. By delving into the wonders of nature, fostering meaningful connections, embarking on inner explorations, and reclaiming our evolutionary heritage, we unlock profound meaning and purpose. In embracing this holistic approach, we aspire to cultivate a balanced existence that nurtures the flourishing and well-being of all beings, while awakening the boundless potential within ourselves.

Pilgrim Writings

Pilgrim Solarrson

Welcome to a site where I aim to compile thoughts and resources on topics that I believe contribute to a life of peace and well-being. I’m draw inspiration from a wide range of sources (see the resource page for a running list of my inspirations) and am constantly exploring to refine my philosophy. I am putting all this together as a place to collect my thoughts and share them with my children. It is my hope that others find the writings useful.